Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management Software

Integrate agile risk management across the enterprise.

Nrisk is a secure and highly-customizable enterprise risk management application that strengthens existing compliance and controls by continuously evaluating, measuring, and tracking financial and non-financial risk.

Nrisk utilizes extensive control and risk libraries, interactive dashboards, customizable risk ratings, and reporting to keep financial institutions’ risk management up to date and ready for anything.

Reduce Risk

Improve readiness by assessing, assigning, managing, and monitoring risks throughout the enterprise, accurately aligning risk assessments to strategic business objectives

Prioritize Resources

Decrease time and resources allocated to ERM by automating tasks and processes

Improve Planning

Leverage existing methodologies and Nrisk’s comprehensive resource libraries to fuel advanced risk management and remain “exam ready”

Report Readiness

Identify, evaluate, alert, and measure risk in real-time with relevant key performance indicators, key risk indicators, strategic objectives, and risk tolerance metrics, enhancing data-driven decision-making

Execute Flawlessly

Unlimited training and support from integration to implementation and beyond

Rest Assured

100% Guaranteed
Accuracy of Work

Nrisk Managed Services

Rethinking risk management requires more than software. Financial institutions deserve expert services and automated, exam and board-ready reporting capabilities. Ncontracts acts as an extension of the internal risk management function, delivering personalized guidance and complete data analytics visibility. By partnering with Ncontracts risk management professionals, financial organizations receive a high-degree of ongoing training and support.

Services include:

  • Train: Unlimited training, including onsite sessions to develop appropriate hierarchies
  • Convert: Leverage current processes to provide insights into best practices
  • Evaluate: Improve performance by evaluating current or missing assessments
  • Build: Ensure compliance with system building guided by regulation
  • Enhance: The system constantly evolves and remains up to date, even in the face of personnel changes

Proactively protect and defend vendor,
organizational, and compliance risk across the enterprise

"I feel more confident and comfortable with the entire policy, knowing that someone who looks at a variety of community bank policies is providing professional feedback. That’s one of the best parts of dealing with Ncontracts."
Eric VogelsingerAssistant Vice PresidentExtraco Banks
"Ncontracts is extremely affordable, especially for what you get in return… It just kind of boggles the mind how Ncontracts is able to provide the same level of service, yet you aren’t gouging the institution to be able to provide the service."
Lynn EnglishSenior Vice President of Risk ManagementLafayette Federal Credit Union

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