Proactive Vendor Management Software

Manage third-party vendor relationships across the enterprise

Nvendor is a flexible and feature-rich vendor management application that enables financial institutions to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance with third-party vendor regulations and guidance.

Backed by a dedicated team of experts, Nvendor continuously identifies and assesses critical vendors and maintains and stores vital due diligence compliance data. The result is stronger vendor relationships and a more secure system that is always risk ready.

Strengthen Regulatory Compliance

Ensure up-to-date documentation with proactive document collection, including SSAE 18s, financials, insurance, certificates, disaster recovery information, and additional supporting materials

Increase Knowledge

Harness comprehensive analysis of vendors’ financial status, continuity plans, information security, and more

Reduce Risk

Proactively address vulnerabilities with third-party vendors with policy and procedure review and guidance, due diligence reviews, constant monitoring, and comprehensive risk assessment documentation

Prevent Losses

Protect and defend against cyber threats and attacks with continuous cybersecurity monitoring, powered by AI (artificial intelligence)

Improve Efficiency

Enable departments to share information to save work and time while reducing third-party risk

Execute Flawlessly

Unlimited training and support from integration to implementation and beyond

Nvendor Managed Services

Rethinking risk management requires more than software. Financial institutions deserve expert services and automated, exam- and board-ready reporting capabilities. Ncontracts acts as an extension of the internal risk management function, delivering personalized guidance and complete data analytics visibility.

Proactively protect and defend vendor,
enterprise, and compliance risk across the enterprise

"Without the executive summaries that are being provided, I can’t imagine coming up with the time to thoroughly review annual reports ranging from SOC/SSAE reviews, audited financials, business continuity plans and reviews and determining how well our vendors have performed, it would be overwhelming!"
Jonas BillingsleyVendor ManagementFirst Security Bank
“Knowing that I have a good support system with Ncontracts makes vendor management a lot easier.”
Melody BeckVendor Management CoordinatorTinker Federal Credit Union

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