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BCP vs. DR
Business Continuity Planning vs. Disaster Recovery: Understanding the Difference

Many people use the phrases “business continuity planning” and “disaster recovery” interchangeably, but they aren’t the same thing. Let’s take a look at the difference.

What Is...


4 Features Every Vendor Management Solution Needs 

A vendor management solution is more than a repository for contracts. It’s a system for reducing risk, ensuring compliance, and increasing efficiency across the...

What If a Cyber Attack Caused a Bank Failure?

With just one bank failure in 2019 and none in 2018, it’s easy to think that banks and credit unions across the industry are once...

Ignore KRIs & KPIs at Your Own Peril: Best Practices for Key Risk Indicators

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. There’s been significant management turnover at a $1 billion financial institution (FI), and the new management is...

Risk Assessment Movies
Summer Blockbusters Revisited: Assessing My Risk Assessments

When it can cost nearly $100 to take a family of four to the movies (including snacks, of course), you don’t want to risk wasting...

Is Your Institution Prepared for These Emerging Risks?

Across the business world, businesses in all industries are worried about the pace of change. That’s according to Gartner’s most recent More

6 Silo-Busting ERM Tips

How do seasoned risk professionals fight risk management inertia? They find ways to dismantle silos and develop processes to spark discussion about risk throughout the...

CU Broadcast Interviews Stephanie Lyon on Compliance Management System for Financial Institutions

Our very own Director of Compliance, Stephanie Lyon, talks with Mike Lawson from CU Broadcast about the company's new Compliance Management...

Vendor Employees Gone Wild: Structuring Vendor Contracts to Guard Against Rogue Insiders & Cyber Threats 

Capital One and its credit card applicants and customers are not having a good week. On Tuesday the Virginia-based bank announced that a former Amazon Web...

A Model CIO: Equifax CIO Keeps Showing Us How *Not* to Respond to a Breach

The big news out of Equifax this week is its $700 million settlement, including up to $425 million in consumer restitution, as a result of...

Giving the People What They Want: Michael Talks CMS and Integrating Customer Feedback at ABA Conference

Is compliance a competitive advantage for banks and credit unions? It should be. That’s what I told Sam Lisker, who leads the business intelligence and innovation...

Risk Management and HR
The Risk Management/HR Connection

How often do you engage with human resources (HR)? Risk managers may not give a lot of thought to HR, but they should. According to COSO...

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