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Hate Illegal Telemarketing Calls? So Does the FDIC.

Have you ever felt like there isn’t being enough done to enforce the Do Not Call List? Between spoofed robo-dialing and other unwanted calls, picking...

data driven risk management
Are You Using a Data-Driven Approach to Compliance Risk?

There are financial institutions that usually feel confident about enterprise risk management. They feel they’ve identified and assessed potential risk, risk tolerance levels have been...

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3 Elements of a Vendor Cyber Monitoring Program

Growing cyber threats have made real-time monitoring of vendors an increasingly important element of a vendor management program. I sat down with Sam Lisker, ABA’s senior...

pointing at vendor behaving badly
Another Vendor Behaving Badly: Failed Vendor Management Results in $236K+ Consent Order

How much do you think it would cost a mortgage servicer to conduct vendor due diligence and monitoring to ensure it's properly managing customer documents?...

Frequently Asked Questions About Cyber Monitoring

Vendor cybersecurity monitoring provides real-time data on vendors’ cybersecurity by collecting and assessing publicly available information. It detects threats and vulnerabilities before they are exploited...

The Franklin Synergy Bank Team!
Lessons Learned from Giving Away 1,100 T-Shirts at an ABA Conference

Forget Instagram likes. If you’ve ever longed to feel more popular and in-demand, handing out your full inventory of 1,100 free t-shirts at the ABA...

What to Do When You’re Worried About Your Vendor’s Finances

No one knows when the next downturn is coming. The only thing we can do is to assume one will come sooner or later and...

In this world nothing certain death and taxes
OCC: Operational Risk Remains Elevated

The only certainties in life are death and taxes, the saying goes, but I can think of one more thing: risk. Even as we work to...

dust check due diligence
Due Diligence 101: Are On-Site Visits Required?

How do you conduct an on-site third-party vendor review? It’s a hot topic at conferences and online. It’s also the wrong question. Instead of asking...

Creating Value with A Culture of Risk Management

Many bankers think the concept of a “risk management culture” is thought exercise. It’s the kind of psychobabble that takes up time that could be...

Summer Movie Blockbuster Risk Assessment: Which Blockbuster Sequel/Prequel/Reboot Should I See?

If you feel like Hollywood has been cranking out nothing but sequels and reboots, you’re not alone. The movie industry is surprisingly risk averse, frequently...

GAO Grades Regulatory Agencies on Risk Management Supervision

It’s no secret that poor risk management at large financial institutions, including at the board level, helped bring about the last financial crisis. Since then regulatory...

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