Ncontracts Integrated Risk Management Platform

Proactively strategize and execute vendor, organizational, and compliance risk management across the enterprise.

Ncontracts’ fully integrated risk management platform addresses every aspect of vendor, operational, and compliance risk. Cost-effective, secure, and scalable, Ncontracts provides the risk visibility financial institutions need and the data transparency they deserve.

Dedicated Services
and High-Impact Reporting

Rethinking risk management requires more than software. Financial organizations deserve expert services and automated, exam and board-ready reporting capabilities.

Ncontracts acts as an extension of your internal risk management function, delivering personalized guidance and complete data analytics visibility.

Integrate risk management into organizational strategy and performance.

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Vendor Risk

Manage third-party vendor
relationships across the operation

Third-party vendors present some of the biggest vulnerabilities for financial institutions of all sizes. Risk grows exponentially with every vendor who gains access to an institution’s servers, files, data, or facilities. That’s why it’s critical for these organizations to embrace a robust-third party vendor management program to help them assess, measure, monitor, and control these risks.

Increased reliance on third-party vendors means
exposure to risks and vulnerabilities. Effectively manage and mitigate third-party vendor risks with integrated vendor management software backed by expert service and support. Meet and maintain regulatory compliance in third-party relationships and uncover opportunities to reduce internal costs, decrease external costs and discern and mitigate risk.

Drive accountability into the
business line and beyond.

Regulators place significant emphasis on vendor contracts. Ncontracts Contract Manager, is a secure and comprehensive contract management application that eliminates the errors and unknowns that lead to higher contract risk and cost. Ncontracts provides complete control and oversight for all contract needs.

Enable end-to-end third-party
risk contract control.

Organizational Risk

Financial institutions operational risk management
processes are held to a higher risk standard

Knowing, monitoring and measuring potential risk impact is critical to
maintaining smooth operations In the face of an adverse event. It’s imperative that financial institutions build a business continuity plan that will allow both risk minimization and quick recovery if and when the unthinkable happens.

The dynamic nature of the financial industry requires that institutions embrace operational risk management. Continuously evaluate risk in real-time and measure both financial and non-financial impacts by location, department, business process, application, or line of business. Customizable, and equipped with thousands of libraries of risks and controls to measure every aspect of risk enterprise-wide.

Automate risk management governance
across the operation.

Crisis readiness is no longer an option;
it’s an organizational imperative.
Ncontinuity is a flexible, operation-wide business continuity planning (BCP) application that automates and simplifies the process of creating, testing, and maintaining a BCP.

Build resiliency
and recover quickly.

The volume and sophistication of cyber threats is on the rise. How strong are your cybersecurity controls? Ncyber is a secure, online FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) and the Automated Cybersecurity Examination Tool (ACE) application that automates the entire 400+ questionnaire process, making it easier for financial institutions to cross-reference data and submit an accurate cybersecurity assessment that complies with FFIEC and NCUA guidelines.

Uncover cybersecurity gaps and maintain
consumer confidence.

Comprehensive Exam and Audit Findings Management.
The Nfindings application automates the complex findings process to help financial institutions conserve resources, improve finding data visibility and audit document control, ensuring exam and audit readiness at all times. When these are known and addressed, organizations are both ready for future audits and are protected from potential shortcomings within their own systems.

Control and coordinate findings
management across the operation

Compliance Risk

Expanding compliance expectations are pushing existing
financial compliance programs to the brink

Complexity and an ever-changing regulatory landscape can lead to compliance control breakdowns. Financial institutions need a comprehensive approach to proactively manage change.

Intuitive Compliance Management Software. Powerful and intuitive compliance management software that simplifies the document storage and monitoring process and makes it easy for compliance officers to research rules and regulations, understand compliance requirements, and stay on top of regulatory changes.

Never miss or misunderstand another regulatory change.

Fair Lending Non-HMDA Analytics Software. Fair Lending HMDA Analytics simplifies the analysis and mortgage data process, proactively identifying loan disparities and risk.
CRA Analytics Software, HMDA and CRA Transmittal, Branch Strategy Management, and Regression Analysis

Deliver the highest level of fair lending data analysis and transparency.
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