Comprehensive Exam and Audit Findings Management

Control and coordinate findings management across the enterprise.

Nfindings is an application, which automates the complex findings process to help financial institutions conserve resources, improve finding data visibility, and audit document control. When issues are known and addressed, organizations are both ready for future audits and protected from potential shortcomings within their own systems. Nfindings ensures exam and audit readiness at all times.

Simplify Processes

Easily import and facilitate set up and conversion of existing findings

Reduce Uncertainty

Utilize role-based access for both findings and task owners to improve internal performance and automate task reminders and notifications ensure nothing slips through the cracks

Remove Silos

Create a system-wide framework with an integrated system of vendor, risk, continuity, and compliance solutions, providing an aggregated view of resolved issues to better prepare for future audits and exams *Seamless integration with Nrisk

Improve Visibility

Leverage audit trails for tracking all changes and review in-depth findings results with powerful reporting and interactive dashboards, demonstrating where the organization stands with a clear timeline

Execute Flawlessly

Unlimited training and support from integration to implementation and beyond

Rest Assured

100% Guaranteed
Accuracy of Work

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